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Clean the Oven? Or Let it Clean Itself?

Clean Oven

After a fun and festive holiday season, it’s easy to start the new year a little worse for wear.  Indulging in all the holidays have to offer can throw your diet or your budget a little off track.  If you were hosting dinners or caught the baking bug, your oven may need a little tender…

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School is Out – Chores are In!

household chores

I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t enjoy some extra help around the house.  Of course you can always call Dust Bunnies of Hampton Roads, but why not start with people who are already in your home? Studies have shown that giving children responsibility at a young age helps them become more responsible as they grow…

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Two Great Methods to Clean Hardwood Floors

clean hardwood floors

“What do you use to clean hardwood floors?” That is one of the most common questions we hear from our new clients.  And it is a great question!  We have some great answers too. Here are two great methods we use to clean hardwood floors in our clients’ homes. No matter what kind of floors…

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Spring Cleaning – The Areas You Might Forget

spring cleaning dust bunnies of hampton roads

Is your home ready for spring? Here’s a few spring cleaning tips to get you started. Cleaning can feel like a thankless and repetitive chore that you can never really finish.  It seems like once you get one area of your home tidy, another is dirty again. But it’s a fantastic feeling to have everything…

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Help!!  I need more than just housekeeping!


If you need help with your home cleaning, I hope you will call Dust Bunnies of Hampton Roads.  But what if you need help with a service we don’t provide?  We might be able to help, just ask! Maybe you need help outside with your lawn or landscaping.  Do you need some painting, repairs or…

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Everyone LOVES a Clean House

everyone loves a clean house

Are you still stressing about a last-minute gift for that special someone this Valentine’s Day?  That’s right, fellas, we’re looking at you! Everyone loves a clean house.  Can you think of anything more relaxing to come home to? We’ve got you covered with some fast remedies to tidy up quick and start celebrating tonight. Think of…

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