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Cleaning Plan for a Stress-free Holiday Season

holiday cleaning

By now you have seen all the Christmas displays and decorations already up in the stores.  There is nothing like Christmas trees in October to start the familiar holiday season panic!  But the holidays don’t have to be a time of stress and debt.  This year in our family we are making a more conscious…

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De-Clutter by New Years!


We all pick up unnecessary clutter here and there. The New Year is a great time to de-clutter! Maybe it is incoming mail you don’t have time to sort, clothes that are the wrong size or style or books you have read and now forgotten. When we keep these items in our homes (and add…

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Mardi Gras! Fat Tuesday! Does your home need to go on a diet?

Mardi gras

You’re probably wondering, “Why does Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday make me think of cleaning my home?”  Well, great question!  Last year I participated in a challenge to clean, organize and purge excess stuff from 40 messy areas in my house.  I have to say, that exercise has really effected the way I organize my home, even a…

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New Year – Clean Office

office cleaning hampton, newport news, williamsburg, yorktown, hampton roads area

Happy New Year! … welcome back to work, right? If you are like me you have enjoyed the last few months of holidays and inclement weather as great reasons to let your work load get a little lighter and enjoy some time off with family and friends.  Now that we have wrapped up 2015 and…

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Spring Cleaning Tips

cleaning service

Spring Cleaning Tips By Lindsey Norman Every year we all get the urge to pull out our Spring wardrobes and dress for the season! It’s that time and this year Spring has definitely sprung! It’s warm, flowers are blooming, pollen is in the air, new life is beginning! While all of that sounds great, it…

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The Elephant in the Room… Otherwise Known as Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning

The weather is finally warming up and the pollen is definitely falling. There is no denying it’s spring! If you’re like me, besides thinking about the Easter Bunny and maybe losing a few pounds for summer, you might also have the dreaded words “spring cleaning” haunting your thoughts. There’s no doubt that spring cleaning can…

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Cleaning Products that We Recommend!

Cleaning products

Cleaning Products that We Recommend!  Here at Dust Bunnies of Hampton Roads, we are all about clean! One of the most common questions we receive is what type of cleaning  products we can use in a client’s home. Well, we can use special products upon request, green/natural products or regular cleaning products that you will…

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Are we “Pet Friendly?”

Pet friendly cleaning in hampton, newport news, williamsburg, yorktown virginia

Pet Friendly Dust Bunnies When we’re meeting  new clients, one of the most frequent questions concerns  four legged family members.  We are both pet owners ourselves, and our pups are part of the family, so we completely understand.  Most of our staff have pets as well: we are all animal lovers at Dust Bunnies!  No need…

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