bonded_licensed_insured_stampThe Dust Bunnies of Hampton Roads are licensed, bonded and insured. This shows we are meticulous about how we run our business, as well as about how we clean your home or business. We stand behind our commitment to complete all projects in a timely manner to the customer’s satisfaction. We also take liability for any instance of property damage or personal injury. Other companies in the area are not bonded and insured, something we just don’t understand.

According to Sara Elliott in her postings on

“If you’re shopping around for the best maid service rate, be careful to compare apples to apples. More established cleaning services often bond and insure their employees. This means you have some protection from loss or injury. Bonding employees and ensuring them costs agencies more, an expense they typically pass on to the consumer. If a service or person is offering a very attractive rate but isn’t bonded or insured, any protection you enjoy will have to come from your homeowner’s insurance policy, possibly at an increased premium.”

Our staff is fully trained to meet your cleaning expectations, and are all bonded and insured. They are also trained the proper way to perform tasks to reduce the risk of any damage or injury. We do not take on cleaning tasks which may put your property, or our staff, in any type of danger.

We are proud to carry both bond and insurance: the Dust Bunnies of Hampton Roads care. We care that you are happy. We care that you are protected. We care that you are our client.