We love sharing our “dirty little secrets” about housekeeping with you in our blogs.  But  we have a secret too big to keep, and you wouldn’t want us to!  You may have already noticed some changes on our website.  Dust Bunnies of Hampton Roads is proud to be partnered with another great local business in the Hampton Roads area, Capital Carpet and Services.

Capital Carpet and Services is located in Williamsburg, VA. With over a decade of loyal clients throughout Williamsburg, they are currently able to cover most of the seven cities of Hampton Roads.  They are a local company, owned and operated by some great local folks.  We have really enjoyed getting to know them and their fantastic services.

For years our clients have asked if we can provide carpet cleaning services with their home or commercial cleanings.  At one point, early in our first year of business, we considered it.  And we even tried carpet cleaning ourselves!  But not the way Capital does it.

We had a small carpet shampooing machine like one you might have in your home.  It didn’t do the greatest job of getting stains out.  And mostly it left the carpeting sopping wet when we were finished.  We didn’t want to charge our trusting clients for that type of service, so we ruled it out completely.  We are great at cleaning, and we hire cleaning staff who are great at cleaning.  But we weren’t great at carpet cleaning.  And if we couldn’t be the best at it, we didn’t want to offer it.  So, for years we have unfortunately had to tell our clients we couldn’t help in that area, or refer them to other local business we knew.

But, now, I am so excited that we can book the much-needed carpet cleaning services for our clients! We can price your carpet cleaning and schedule it to coincide with your housekeeping or move out cleaning. One call, one appointment and two great services all at one great price!

Capital Carpet and Services feels the same way we do about doing one thing and doing it right.  They currently compete with other carpet cleaning companies who also offer to clean the rest of your space.  They wanted to be able to help their clients with more than floor maintenance, So, they started looking for another local business with the same pride and integrity that they have.  They reached out to us with the idea to work together and we agreed that it was a great plan!

Capital Carpet uses a truck-mounted hot water extraction method for getting your carpets clean.  They also have fair and upfront pricing, no bait and switch or additional up-sells once they are in your home.  But, they can do more than clean your wall to wall carpeting.  Capital Carpet can take away your area rugs or antique Orientals back to their top of the line facility.  They will clean them carefully in-house, and then hang them in their drying room, before returning them back to your home good as new!  They also offer upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, and stripping, buffing and waxing for more industrial flooring options.  If it goes on your floor they can make sure it’s clean!

We are thrilled to partner with Capital Carpet and Services.  So far our clients have been thrilled too!  Next time you need a “deeper clean” and want to add carpet cleaning service to your in-home cleaning, we will make it a hassle-free process that will exceed your expectations.