Cleaning Products that We Recommend! 

Here at Dust Bunnies of Hampton Roads, we are all about clean! One of the most common questions we receive is what type of cleaning  products we can use in a client’s home. Well, we can use special products upon request, green/natural products or regular cleaning products that you will find in your home most any day.

Our clients want to know what type of products we use because they are concerned about protecting their personal property or they may be concerned about the health related risks of certain products. Our company is here to address any of those questions and concerns from the first time we visit your home for an estimate to  the regular visits that our cleaning teams provide.

These days, there is a lot of buzz about what products you should use in your home that are safe, that will clean well and that will be affordable. As a professional cleaning team, we can suggest some of the best products to use that we trust to utilize within our business everyday.

Below, we have a small list of some great cleaning products that we recommend to help give your home that sparkle and shine that you have been looking for.

What do the Dust Bunnies Use for Dusting?

-We recommend Swiffer Extender Dusters for those hard to reach places and for general dusting in order to maintain a dust-free home!

What Do the Dust Bunnies Use for Stubborn Grease and Oven Stains?

-We use Scour Off from Shaklee.

What Do the Dust Bunnies Use to Remove Chocolate from Walls?

-We use Mr. Clean Magic Erasers to help make walls clean and smooth and free of gross messes.

What Do the Dust Bunnies Use to Clean and Protect Hard Wood Floors?

-We use Bona Hard Wood Cleaner to help give our clients’ wood floors a shine and protection that will last for weeks. They have spray cleaner and wax to use afterwards, so you can get a deep down clean and a strong shine for a full effect!

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