We all pick up unnecessary clutter here and there.

The New Year is a great time to de-clutter! Maybe it is incoming mail you don’t have time to sort, clothes that are the wrong size or style or books you have read and now forgotten. When we keep these items in our homes (and add to them) it makes it harder to stay organized, to put things away and to keep our homes clean. Studies have even shown that physical clutter in our home or workspace clutters our mind and that removing physical clutter will help our brain function on a higher level and keep our thoughts more organized too!

Organization is a word that people like to throw around, frequently when they are trying to get themselves out of a mess.

Realistically, the idea of “organization” should not be finding a way to more efficiently cram every item you currently possess into less space. The way to get organized and stay organized is to learn to live with fewer possessions which take up valuable space in our homes. We are ALL living with some level of unnecessary “stuff.”

There are dozens of tips, tricks, blogs and even recent best sellers out there that will tell you as many ways to de-clutter your life.

What I have for you is a doable, low-commitment plan that will get you one big step closer to being clutter-free by New Years. And, who knows, it might be a habit strong enough to change your regular routines that accumulate clutter in the first place! Ready? Lose 50 Things in 50 Days!

Especially when I think about all the yummy holiday comfort food and Christmas cookies, I wish I had a plan to lose a pound a day! Unfortunately I do not. But, losing one piece of clutter every day is going to sound a lot easier after that! If you start November 1st and commit to throwing out or adding to the donation pile just one thing every day, you will have over 50 unnecessary item out of you home and your life forever! (Just make sure you actually take the donation bag to the drop off center and it doesn’t hang around in your home or car for months… guilty) I bet once you start you won’t be able to stop! Letting clutter accumulate is a habit. Refusing to let it in can be a habit too.

We often get asked if we “organize” as well as clean, and we do not. However, when we are setting appointments for housekeeping we do ask our clients to put away as many personal items as possible to the spots where they belong. Having things put in their place is the first step to a clean home. Your space will look “cleaner” and it will be easier to clean and keep clean as well! I hope you enjoyed this tip for household clutter. Now that you have de-cluttered, give us a call to book a cleaning appointment!