Are you still stressing about a last-minute gift for that special someone this Valentine’s Day?  That’s right, fellas, we’re looking at you! Everyone loves a clean house.  Can you think of anything more relaxing to come home to? We’ve got you covered with some fast remedies to tidy up quick and start celebrating tonight.

Think of what is in plain sight and what is visible first! 

Start with the front door and entry way.  Put extra coats, shoes, bags in a coat closet, clean the front door and sweep the front porch (trust us, it makes a great first impression.)

Next, let’s move on to the living area. 

First step is tidy up!  Pick up everything that should not make a permanent home in your living space and get it out of there.  If you don’t have time to put everything in its place, pick up a laundry basket and toss everything in.  You can store that temporarily back in your laundry room or a closet.  Give all your surfaces a quick swipe with a duster and run the vacuum over the floors.

Then to the bathroom.

Tidy up loose items and run a cleaning wipe or paper towel over sink and toilet, empty trash and freshen up the towels.

The kitchen may need some help.

If you are planning on cooking together, wipe down surfaces and sweep the floor.  Don’t forget to clean out the sink and run the dishwasher if necessary.

Set the mood.

Before your Valentine arrives light some candles or spray some nice room freshener. Then sit back and enjoy your evening.

This quick cleaning list will not keep your house spotless by any means, but it works in a pinch when you need to get ready for guests or straighten up fast in between cleanings.  Of course if you prefer, as always you can leave the cleaning to us!  We offer gift cards for a variety of cleaning prices.

However you choose to spend your Valentine’s Day, we hope you have a great one!