I'd love to have my home cleaned, but how much would that cost?

Every space is different and will be priced accordingly. Pricing is based on square footage and the frequency of scheduled cleanings. Check out our Pricing and Scheduling page for more information and an instant quote.

Do you clean offices?

We help lots of offices maintain a clean and inviting space for clients and staff. Office and commercial spaces are all unique shapes and sizes. We would need to tour your space for a better understanding of your cleaning needs before preparing an estimate. Schedule an on-site estimate here.

Do I need to be present for my cleaning appointment?

We are comfortable when you are comfortable. We typically clean residential homes between 9am and 4pm Monday – Friday. If you prefer to be at home during your cleaning that is not a problem for us. If you need to be away, your home will be in good hands while you are out.

How will you get into my home if I'm away?

We try to accommodate our clients’ individual needs whenever possible. We have various entry plans for different clients. Some clients chose to have us keep a spare key to their home, others use a lock box or hide-a-key on their property, some leave a side door unlocked on their cleaning day or give us the keypad code to the garage. The entry plan for your home is up to you.

Can I trust you in my home?

Yes. We are licensed, insured, and bonded. Our staff receives background checks. We will respect your home and its contents. Our regular clients will have the same maids in their homes on every cleaning, never random strangers in and out every week.

Do you guarantee your work?

We strive for the highest quality cleaning. Our work is guaranteed for 48 hours from your visit. In a perfect situation, our clients are there for a final walk-through when we finish cleaning – that’s the best time to add some extra sparkle. But, we know our clients keep busy schedules, so we allow for 48 hours for you to bring any concerns to our attention. If you’re not completely satisfied we will return promptly to correct any mistakes.

Do I need to supply any cleaning products?

We bring everything we need to clean your home; it will not be necessary for you to provide anything. However, we do have clients that would rather us only use their vacuum or have a particular product that they prefer to use on their floor, etc. That is no problem either. We can accommodate most special requests. If you would prefer that we use a particular product in your home, please provide it and leave it out for your cleaning team to use.

How do I pay for my cleaning?

A $25 deposit secured on a credit or debit card is required for new assignments. Full payment is due at the time of service. On the day of your cleaning, you may leave cash or check made out to Dust Bunnies of Hampton Roads for the amount of your cleaning. If payment is not provided at the time of service, you will receive an emailed invoice requesting payment by credit card, due upon receipt. Payments will be collected using the card on file after 48 hours if other payment is not provided.

What if I have pets?

No problem! We love pets! Most of our employees are pet owners, and most of our clients are also. Your pets will most likely not overwhelm us. And your housekeeper will be sure to keep them safe and secure while in your home.

I think my home might be "too dirty" for you to clean...

No one’s home is too dirty to clean! But, you would like your housekeeper to spend their energy making your sink sparkle and your floor shine, not picking up laundry and dirty dishes from around your home. We would never want you to clean your home before your cleaning day, but please try to pick up items that are out of place so our staff can get straight to work cleaning, and your home can look its best when they are finished. We are not able to organize or “pick up” around the house. Some areas of your home may not be cleaned if they are too difficult to access.

Why does the first cleaning take longer?

When you set up regular service expect the first cleaning to take a bit longer. The first cleaning will be more of a “deep clean.” It may have been a while since your home had a good scrub, and we want to have a good foundation to start with your future cleanings. The first cleaning usually costs a bit more than the regular rate for your home. Your housekeeper will also take the first one or two cleanings to get used to your home and find the best most efficient way to clean it. When the cleaning time is shorter after four or five cleanings don’t think that your housekeeper is slacking off, they’re actually getting better!

What if something was missed?

We strive to have 100% satisfaction for our clients, but it’s possible for something to go unnoticed. If your maid team has left you dissatisfied please call us within 24 hours and we will come back out to make it right. If they have missed something small, please leave them a note for next time so they will be sure to correct the problem. But please do let us know! It is exactly that, an oversight; we would not intentionally leave something undone.

I'm moving, how can you help?

We would be happy to help with your move! If you’re moving you have a lot to worry about; we can take cleaning off your list. We can get your new place clean and ready to move in your stuff! Or, we can make your old place sparkle for open houses to find the right buyer or get the deposit back from your landlord. Our move-in/move-out cleanings include our basic housekeeping plus some extras: windows, inside and outside of cabinetry, behind and under appliances, inside of oven and range hood, inside of refrigerator, all light fixtures, baseboards and switch plate covers cleaned.

Is there anything you can't clean?

Believe it or not, there is! But it’s a small list. We will not clean blood, vomit, or similar (human or animal) including cat litter boxes. Time does not permit laundry service or dishwashing, please try to have the kitchen clear of dirty dishes on your cleaning day. We cannot clean what cannot be reached. Our cleaners are equipped with step stools and extendable dusting wands but will not do ladder work; anything outside the reach of a stepstool/extendable duster will not be cleaned. We will wash windows, (if you have selected that service) but only windows that are accessible from inside the building. If the window pulls fully inside, the outside glass may be washed. Older windows that do not pull in cannot be washed on the outside.