If you need help with your home cleaning, I hope you will call Dust Bunnies of Hampton Roads.  But what if you need help with a service we don’t provide?  We might be able to help, just ask!

Maybe you need help outside with your lawn or landscaping.  Do you need some painting, repairs or remodeling?  Maybe your computer is on the fritz, your drain is clogged?  Do you often need to travel for work but hate to leave your pet home alone or in a kennel? Do you need a realtor to sell your home, or a property manager to take care of your investment property?

Over the last five years we have met hundreds of clients who have used our services. Like you they need services in their home other than housekeeping.  We have noticed a client in your neighborhood whose lawn always looks amazing.  We have seen the addition a contractor helped another client build onto their home.  We’ve received a phone call from a client who was so thankful the plumber we also clean for was able to help them out in an emergency. 

In addition to meeting other fantastic tradesmen through our clients, we also meet with local business people on a weekly basis.  In order to promote our company and advertise to others, we network with local business owners, realtors, property managers and other professionals.  We offer services that they need or that they refer to their clients, and we have referred our contacts to them as well.

We are proud of the communities we serve and want to be a positive presence in the lives of our neighbors.  Before you get out the phone book or type in a Google search, consider asking your housekeeper if they can help out with other household services and hire someone you know you can trust!