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Looking for a cleaning job? Come work with us!

We are constantly growing our business and looking for new clients. That means more jobs. So we always keep an eye out for the best employees to join the Dust Bunnies team. All employees are hired into a 120 day part-time basis. During that time they get on the job training and start to build up a list of regular clients that they will see week after week. As their experience and reliability grows, they will continue gain additional clients until they have a full schedule.

Dust Bunnies Staff

Dust Bunnies of Hampton Roads is a great place to work! We provide all our employees with free training, uniforms, and supplies. We also pay for all bonding and insurance. All major holidays off and most work is scheduled between the hours of 8am – 4pm Monday through Friday. We don’t pay by the hour, instead we pay on percentage of the job. We are invested in our employees and want them to be invested in our company for years to come. That is why we chose to pay a percentage of the total price of every job to our employees. It always is far above minimum wage and, depending on the job, is usually more than most hourly wage earnings offered.

We require that any applicant have their own reliable transportation to all assigned job sites, and some “on the job” cleaning experience. If you qualify and love to clean, we would like to hear from you. Please fill out an application. *All applicants subject to full background check and drug test.