Hampton Roads Housekeeping Cleaning Services

Ever wonder who would want to start their own cleaning company?


Well, you’re looking at them.  Here we are, Victoria and Lindsay, in front of the beautiful downtown Hampton waterfront.  We are the owners of Dust Bunnies of Hampton Roads, a local cleaning company. You may ask, “Is cleaning always this glamorous?”  Um, no, it is not.  But we wouldn’t change a thing.  And here’s why:

We’ve only known each other for about three years now, but when we met we discovered we had a lot in common.  Both of us grew up right here in Hampton, VA within miles of each other.  We both graduated from Phoebus High School and went on to complete our bachelor’s degrees at Virginia Tech and Old Dominion.  And, at the time, each of us had two small kiddos at home that we didn’t see as much as we liked because after other pursuits in sales, marketing and management, we were both working in car rental management.  It was a career we enjoyed, and had gained a lot of business training and insight that school doesn’t teach.  However, the low flexibility of managing the long hours required was taking its toll.  We thought we should try something else…. we looked.

We thought, “Hey, we both have the skills and knowledge to be terrific business managers, we just need a business to manage.”  So we were dead set on starting one.  But, what to do?  All kinds of things came to mind, but so did start up fees, overhead figures, risk.  We thought, we need something low start up, something we’re good at, a service we can feel good about providing for people, and then it hit us.  We can start a cleaning company.  We’re GREAT at cleaning!  Sure it will just be a few clients at first, but we can market, we can grow, we can do it better and more conscientiously than it’s being done now.  We can be local not franchised.  We can put service first and tailor cleaning plans to the client.  So, we did it.

In June, 2012 we had a name and a business license.  The Dust Bunnies were born.  We picked colors and created a logo and had business cards printed.  In October, 2012 we had two clients.  We weren’t breaking any records but we were excited.  We still have those loyal clients today and we’ll never forget them.  There were days back then when we didn’t have anything to clean!  But we still went to “work.”  We made connections, networked, asked for referrals, visited companies and told everyone we ever knew we were in business.

It worked!  It wasn’t always glamorous. But anyone who has cleaned a rental car knows we were more than seasoned to sticky icky messes.  The dirtier the mess the better, because then we feel like we’ve provided a valuable service to someone and it gives us a personal sense of accomplishment to see your home or office clean and beautiful again.  We care about your home and your family because we know how important ours are.  It’s the reason the Dust Bunnies exist in the first place.  It’s why we gave up years of investment in our former careers.  We aren’t big business, we aren’t a franchise, this is our “families’ business.”  Nothing is more important than your family, and you deserve a clean home where you can enjoy being together.  We’d love to help make your home even happier.