Happy New Year! … welcome back to work, right?

If you are like me you have enjoyed the last few months of holidays and inclement weather as great reasons to let your work load get a little lighter and enjoy some time off with family and friends.  Now that we have wrapped up 2015 and hopefully seen the end of snow in our area it’s time to get back to the office and the daily grind.

Since you’ve started spending a lot more time at your workplace, (and hopefully taken down the festive decorations and displays from the holidays,) have you noticed that things at work have gotten a little… well, dirty?  Maybe you have, like many of the other businesses that have called us recently.  Dust Bunnies of Hampton Roads has been busy in the new year providing estimates for cleaning office spaces and starting new service with many local business.  Did you know that we clean offices too?  We can keep your work space just as fresh and clean as your home.  We provide sanitation for bathrooms and kitchen/break room space, dusting of office furniture and equipment, vacuuming and mopping of floors throughout your work area as well as remove trash to your outside receptacles.  Recurring cleaning for your business can be scheduled for as often as you need it.

We understand how important it is for your place of business to be a clean and productive space for your staff, as well as display a fresh image for clients and visitors.  You have important work to do at your business and your time doesn’t need to be wasted keeping it clean.  Cleaning, after all, is OUR business!  If you are interested in a free estimate on a customized cleaning plan for your business we are just a phone call away.