Here at Dust Bunnies of Hampton Roads, we take pride in the work we do. There are always great customers to work with and that makes our job worth doing. And we always appreciate referrals from our clients!

It’s Spring time here in Hampton Roads and we are always looking for new cleaning jobs both big and small. We can handle residential cleaning jobs, move in and move outs, deep cleanings, real estate cleanings as well as larger commercial cleaning jobs! You name it and we can tackle it!

You know our name and what we can do for your cleaning needs, but do you know potential customers that you can refer to us?

There are so many different ways we can help when it comes to cleaning. Check out the list below of some possible conversation starters to help get those cleaning referrals hopping in! Thanks for all you do for us!

-The Dust Bunnies of Hampton Roads

Do you know our clients? I bet you do!

If you know someone who has said…

-I’m overwhelmed with work and other tasks.

-I’m moving.

-I’m renovating and remodeling my home.

-My office is always dirty.

-I’m having a house built.

-I’m having company come from out of town.

-I’m hosting a party at my home.

-My parents are getting too old to keep up their  home.

-I own rental property.

-My kids destroy my house and I’m tired of picking up after them.

-I can’t keep up with my dog’s/cat’s hair in my home.

-I hate cleaning !!

…then you know someone who needs Dust Bunnies of Hampton Roads!

Feel free to call us anytime!