When we get calls from new clients, whether they have been referred by one of their friends or found us on the internet, they typically have a lot of questions.  Sometimes they have tried a few of the other housekeeping companies out there and just haven’t found the right fit for them, or occasionally they are considering housekeeping for the first time and don’t know where to start.  No matter the situation, we are almost always asked what makes us different. We love this question!

We usually start with some things that make us the same.  Clean is clean, right?  Most likely anyone you chose to come in to clean your home will “clean” things.  And hopefully any company you consider will be insured and licensed to operate their business.  But from there we like to highlight three distinct things we are proud of that may distinguish our company from some of the others in the area.

  1. We are proud to be a small business operating locally in the Hampton Roads area.  We are not part of a larger corporation or a franchise.  We are registered with SWAM, an organization for small business owned by women and minorities.  We are part of the community we serve and take pride in our region that we call home.  Because we’re small and local we may know your friend, or neighbor or cousin.  The majority of our clients are referred to us by a trusted friend or relative who knows us personally or is an existing client.  We hope that gives clients a feeling of trust and security while we are in their homes.  We understand that choosing who will provide services in your home is a very personal decision.
  2. We do not typically charge by the hour.  A few of the larger housekeeping companies that may come to mind charge by the hour.  If you’re calling around for a quote, getting a firm price can be a little daunting.  Being told that a home your size falls into a range of $70-$90 per hour for a two person cleaning team may leave you with a lot of questions: “How long will it take them to clean my house? That could really add up!”  or  “If I’m on a set budget, how much of my house will actually get cleaned before my payment runs out?”  and  “When will I know if I’ll be charged at $70 or $90?”  Maybe even, “Who exactly will be showing up to my house?”  We price by the job, not by the hour.  We will ask about square footage, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, how often you would like your home cleaned, whether the cleaning will be reoccurring or a one time deep clean … then we can provide you with an accurate price that won’t fluctuate from cleaning to cleaning.  You’ll know up front what will be done and how much it will cost. Which brings us to #3, our favorite way to get started with your housekeeping.
  3. We do it YOUR way!  Our favorite way to start our relationship with you and to provide you with a quote is to come meet you, and your home!  When we meet you in your home you’re somewhere comfortable, and you can start to get comfortable with us.  We like to see what you like about your home and what areas of cleaning that really give you a fit.  We like to know how you like things done because we have a variety of products and options for cleaning different surfaces.  If our choices aren’t your favorite we’re happy to use a particular product you prefer on different surfaces and we’ll put it right back where it belongs when we’re done.  Some other companies like to show you a printed checklist of all the things they’re going to do in your home.  If you look closely, that checklist also includes a list of things they will not do, or will charge extra for.  We like to find out exactly what you need us to do and how you like your home to look, feel and smell when we’re done.  That way we make sure you’re only paying for what you want, and you’re getting your home cleaned just like you would like.

We are very proud of what makes our company a little different from our competition.  We understand that all of our clients are a little different too.  We enjoy making a customized cleaning plan for your home that suits your home, your budget and your schedule.  We would love to show you the difference The Dust Bunnies can make in your home.